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About Us

Since 1919, Your Trusted Source for Scrap Recycling Needs

We have been in the business of recycling metals and paper products since 1919 and our parent company since 1906. We are uniquely qualified to handle all forms of scrap including ferrous metals, nonferrous metals, paper and plastic. We also offer secure document destruction services and specialized recycling services for reverse logistics operations. We are well-equipped and operate the largest fleet of roll-off trucks and tractors in Middle and South Georgia. This allows us the flexibility to handle special situations. Additionally, we have built long-term relationships with mills and consumers of various products over our long history. We have an excellent reputation throughout the industry of providing quality products and delivering on what is promised.

Our management and sales team consists of individuals possessing a "can do" attitude, years of experience in the business and involvement in numerous trade and local organizations. This combination of factors ensures that we are keenly aware of current trends in the industry and always abreast of the many regulations which affect the scrap recycling industry. Our entire team is committed to utilizing environmental best practices.

We are extremely sensitive to all suppliers of scrap and the concerns regarding downstream liability when marketing their finished product. To give attention to this area, we regularly monitor our scrap consumers' environmental practices and in particular, their disposal practices. Before selling to new consumers of scrap, our first priority is to investigate their environmental practices.

In addition to handling and disposal concerns, we are highly sensitive to our workers' safety. Our employees have an employee-led safety committee. Safety training is performed through the use of the DuPont Safety Training Observation Program (STOP). We will review handling procedures with your company to be certain that any and all safety standards established have been met.

For many years, we have been involved with the certified destruction of equipment and now offer the service of document destruction. Through our years of providing destruction of equipment and finished products, we understand the importance of secure, controlled destruction of materials.

Since 1919, tens of thousands of individuals, manufacturers, institutions and government entities have trusted us for their scrap recycling needs. We are proud of the reputation that we have earned in the industry and the community. When working with us, our customers can rest assured that they will receive the friendliest, most efficient service in the industry. We care deeply about the quality of our community - a community in which we are actively involved and an integral member of. Integrity does matter. Call us today and learn what so many customers already know!

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